New Beginnings

 I’m not the best blogger. In fact I suspect I’m one of the worst. But I really wanted you to know me, so I thought I’d explain myself a little.

I’m Isaac Halliday, I’m a debut author, far too infrequent blogger, and medical doctor. I’m now twenty four, though probably a little too close to twenty five than I’d like, and have spent much of the past few years studying Medicine at the University of Southampton. I was probably pushed into it, at least a little, but I can’t really complain. My true passion however lies in the narrative, and that has been the one constant in my life, when pretty much everything else has changed. 

Growing up I fell in love with the way stories were never just stories. They meant something, at least they did to me. I was always swept up in reading or video games, finding the fantasy world a far more alluring draw than the real one. Along the way I became something of a super geek, with a near eidetic memory for quotes, tropes, movie date releases and comic book hero’s abilities (I’m that guy).

I’ve always loved writing but I took a hiatus for several years, for no good reason at all. Then, when I was twenty one, I had a very shake up of my life that made me re-think my priorities, made me really think about what was important. I realized then that the only thing I had ever really loved, ever really cared about was writing. 

And about a week later, the story I wanted to write came to me. This led to the day before a HUGE exam when everyone else was cramming or throwing up, when I spent three hours writing thousands of words of a story that was bigger than anything I had ever witnessed before. A story that took place over almost a century, with an enormous cast that spanned generations and entire worlds. Ever since that fateful day in the Summer of 2010, telling this story has been the only goal in my life. 

Thankfully I had my elective right afterwards, in other words two months in Cuba, away from civilisation. Officially I was supposed to work in the hospitals there, but we mostly finished at noon and I spent most of that two months plotting my story. Well….I did other stuff, some of which may have involved white rum and a paedatric intensive care unit…but that’s a story for another time. And yes, my cover photo? That’s me plotting my story on the jetty in Cuba, where my awesome friend Mike took that picture of me looking rather pensive.

I needed to mature as a writer, but finally two years later, I got my break – a publishing deal. Neverland Publishing agreed to take a chance on me and publish my novel. 

And so here I am, a few years later, perhaps more than I had expected. I want to keep you informed, whoever you are of my life, my journey and the story I want to tell. 

I suppose a relevant question would be…well why? Why tell this story? 

Not money, I’m guessing my current profession will give me more than enough of that. Not fame, anyone who knows anything about the industry knows the realities and there are far easier ways of doing that. 

I guess I’m doing this because it’s my nature, it’s what I am. I am a writer, no matter how I feel. It’s just a fact. And telling this story…this….this is my singular purpose. 

So, I hope you’ll join me. I promise it will be worth it. 

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