The innovator

I sometimes think there are two kinds of people in the world, those that let themselves feel inspired and those that don’t. I don’t think it’s a conscious thought process or something that people ever really think about, but it’s there. And it can make all the difference. 

Having been on holiday to Morroco, I managed to finally get some time off work and get into some excellent reading. I’d picked up a copy of Steve Job’s biography. A weighty tome, and not something that I’d usually read. I typically read fiction and I don’t even own any Apple products, having believed they were more style over substance. I suppose they never spoke to me because they had nothing to do with the all important narrative, which I am constantly trying to align myself with in order to unravel and understand it. 

You know the narrative, the story! The journey. Well in fact I had looked in precisely the right place, as Steve Jobs story is both remarkable and pretty unbelievable. For those that know of the Hero’s Journey, Steve Jobs’s story actually pretty closely aligns to it. 

Like all great people he was focused on a single goal, fanatically so and so utterly driven that it was to the detriment of everything else. I think this is something I can learn from, I think I definitely play too safely with things. It was his greatest strength and weakness, but his desire for utter perfection, his singular focus on giving people not what they want, but what they never knew they wanted… 

I sometimes wonder what the difference between the good artist and the great artist is. The world is filled with such talented and astonishing people, why are some better than others? And not by a sliver of a margin, but by leagues and unquantifiable standards. 

I think this is something I am coming to understand. 

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