A Far Cry from original….


Name – Steven

Age – 23ish

Gender – Male

Language – English and enough Spanish to ask for cheese and the location of the bathroom.

Occupation – Impoverished student

Goal – To boldly go where Che Guvera did not…

I’m not going to lie. I wouldn’t do that. Not to you, not after you have come all this way to visit me from the etherworld of the net, so I’ll get the incredibly irritating self-plugging out of the way and I’ll put it in brackets so you can opt not to read it,

(I’m a writer, I wrote a book and it’s going to be released at some point, it’s a middle grade fantasy)

There. Done. Won’t mention it again, until you like me more. :) It’s like going on a first date and demanding they pay for the meal, petrol money and that leak in the bathroom ceiling.

So…what will I do? Tough question. What area of expertise do I have? Well, I am a medical student (i.e. bitch of the hospital) so if anyone has any question about that I guess you could ask.

But I think what I’ll do is talk about Stories. With a capital S. That is Stories regardless of medium – t.v., movie, novel, graphic novel, song, that guy at the bus stop in Soho that one time…


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