Tidus was….

castlecloudTidus was crying. Tidus often cried and Zephyr wondered how best to cheer his friend up this time. 
‘It won’t be so bad, I mean we’ll be in different schools, but maybe your magic is just getting started.’ That’s a good approach, thought Zephyr. The tears ebbed and Zephyr thought he heard a sniffle. ‘I’m sure it’s… taking a bit longer – bit longer than normal – but I bet… I bet when your magic does come, it’ll be really strong!’ he finished enthusiastically. Tidus howled. Oh no, maybe it’s not working at all….  
Barely four foot tall Zephyr was small even for a Wisp. Covering his entire body was a thick aquamarine robe that extended all the way over his head upon which it became a large furred cowl. Being made of a great deal of spirit and magic, Zephyr’s face was rather hard to see and appeared as no more than a haze, dark as midnight, punctuated by two large silvery eyes that shone as bright as lighthouse beacons.  
‘You’re just saying that,’ sniffled Tidus, another Wisp with crackling eyes of electric blue and a full year younger than Zephyr. ‘You’ll go to the Anchor School in a few weeks then you’ll go to the Lunar Academy next year and I’ll be…I’ll be…’ He hiccoughed, his whole body jolting. ‘I’ll be all on my own!!’  
‘No,no,no we’ll still be friends!’ he said, giving Tidus a small pat. ‘And you’ll have lots of fun at your new school anyway, you won’t even notice-’ 


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