But you won’t…

 ‘But you won’t like it there,’ insisted Tidus, tugging at the older Wisp’s robe. ‘The Lunar People are all weird, the Invokers are all meanies….’ he wiped his nose on the edge of his sleeve. ‘And all the other Wisps are stupid. That’s why we’re friends,’ he finished, narrowing his eyes at Zephyr as though daring him to disagree.
‘That’s why we’re friends,’ agreed Zephyr, thinking for a moment. ‘Not all the Invokers are stupid. There is that one umm you know the one everyone is talking about….’  
‘You mean the one from Midgard?’ Tidus held his head aloft. ‘He won’t be any different; he’s the nephew of some stupid Lord. He’s probably a big meanie as well! Hmph!’And with that the little Wisp drew himself up into a ball, huffing. Zephyr began to see his young friend wasn’t to be so easily swayed.  He wasn’t entirely sure he’d convinced himself either.

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