He peered…

He peered into the distance to the enormous winged gates of the Skyborn District. They’ll all be gathered for the election results tonight, the young Wisp reflected. It would undoubtedly be an impressive event, with no holds barred as they ushered in Gardarel’s new ruler. There were sure to be the finest entertainment and most sumptuous courses in all of Gardarel, and perhaps even…. 
‘I know what will cheer you up,’ said Zephyr suddenly. Tidus’s sniffling came to an abrupt halt.  
‘What?’ said Tidus suspiciously. 
‘Well they’re electing the new Prime Consul tonight aren’t they….’  
‘Yeah, so? I don’t care about that,’ he replied, making a face. ‘Father says they’re all the same anyway…..’  
‘But it’ll be a celebration, don’t you see?’ said Zephyr. ‘Big all-out thing, like those Invokers love right? So there’ll be food and drink and everyone is sure to get dressed up…and most importantly at the end of the night….’ 
‘Fireworks?’ hazarded Tidus, faintly hopeful.  
Zephyr grinned. ‘Exactly!’  
The younger Wisp straightened out the furry cowl atop his head with a little tug. ‘But we’ll never get into the Consul Estate; they won’t let us anywhere near the place….’  
‘You just let me worry about that,’ Zephyr replied confidently. ‘I got a plan. Ol’ Zephy’s always got a plan….’ 

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