So the first random thought that has come to my head is this – I’ve seen quite a few indie books and books in general with people on the front, typically ridiculously good-looking or six-pack toting and my question is this – who are these people??? Do you get paid much for being on a book cover?

Second thought – I know, late to the party but am really into 30 Rock right now. Loving NBC having seen The Office US and then Parks and Recs. 30 Rock is amazing, Tina Fey is such an inspiration.

I think it’s so important as a writer to look at lots of different genres and take notes. I wrote a middle grade steampunk but what I am most proud of is the heart of the novel and the personal conflicts of the characters. I learned a lot about this kind of good story telling from Friday Night Lights, a show about American Football.

Look to lots of sources people, broaden thy horizons

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