Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

A short while ago I mentioned having read Steve Jobs’ biography. Those who know me that I am technical minded, at least in a very limited way, but I nonetheless found it to be an engrossing read, much in the way that Steve Jobs’ and Apple changed our modern society with their technologies, but also […]

Author Interview J. Lee Graham

First off can you tell the Privateers a little about yourself and how you got into writing? Hello Privateers and thank you for interviewing me! I’m J. Lee Graham and I’m a wearer of many hats. I’m a writer, playwright, musician, actor, astrologer ( and fluent in ASL as my second language. Joseph Campbell said […]


How the World of Writing is changing

Things are always changing, I mean really that’s a given. Things have always changed, and yet in modern times things are staying the same more than ever. A little vague yes, so what do I mean by this exactly?  People are taking less chances with their stories, people are being less innovative and trying new […]